My blogging has been limited since the end of last year. The reason is that I stopped blogging about my weekly training (not that interesting), I haven’t been racing as much (some needed down time), and, lastly, my writing focus has turned toward publications rather than merely blogging.

Here’s an extended version of the story on how my recent articles at came to fruition (if you want to read those articles, see the links below).

I was driving from Missouri to Colorado in December of last year and, as one must do to pass the time, I started thinking, specifically about things that I wanted to write about. The following thought occurred to me: some super fast times have been run recently by folks with a shorter distance running background and pedigree. That got me thinking further: I wonder what they are doing in training to maintain that shorter distance potential, and I wonder how having that tool-in-the-bag, so-to-speak, changes their intended race strategy and, further, how it influences their strategy and performance during the race.

On the basis of those thoughts, I called up Matt Flaherty, a good friend of mine and perennial front-runner at any distance (the guy has won a 5k, marathon, and 50k this year), to talk more about the ideas. He agreed that it would be interesting and also agreed to an interview for the article. Although Rob Krar had not yet been named Ultra Runner of the Year (UROY) and Zach Bitter had not yet been awarded with the Ultra Performance of the Year, I choose those two as well based on their impressive performances last year. On the women’s side, there was a host of potential interviewees that had the qualifications I was looking for. Ultimately, I asked Meghan Arbogast, Caitlin Smith, and Emily Harrison to interview, as they had set impressive PRs and CRs at a variety of distances and on a variety of different terrain, and all had some crazy fast times at marathon and sub-marathon distances.

When I pitched the idea to Bryon Powell, and then Meghan Hicks, at, they were intrigued and showed interest in seeing a draft of the article. In the end, this developed into a two-part series before becoming a three-part series (at the request of the editors, which excited me greatly) after Harrison nearly broke the North American record at the 50k distance last month.

In any case, since I haven’t been blogging here, I thought I would post links to my recent articles, enjoy!

Part I

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Part III:

Bonus Track